Delta Device: A Non-Chemical Water Treatment Device

Facing a hard water scale in your industry? Are you looking for a permanent solution to eliminate or reduce scaling? We all know that, Scale is a big challenge that requires rigorous maintenance and incurs enormous costs. Untreated water used in hot water systems, cooling towers and other equipment contains dissolved salts, gasses and traces of many minerals and metals. Those elements are the direct cause of scale build up in pipes and equipment. If left unchecked, scale build up can increase fuel cost, repair and cleaning costs, downtime and eventually result in several production or monetary concerns. The core inside the Delta Device by Delta Cooling Towers P. Ltd. makes the minerals and salts suspended. Due to this no scale is formed. This is a one time fix for your hard water scaling issues. Delta Device works round the clock without any power or electricity. There is no maintenance cost as well. No manpower is needed for the operation of this device. Therefore, it is a cost effective solution for industrial water treatment. Delta Device is already being used in Process Plants, HVAC, Heat Exchanger, Diesel Generator Set, Plastic Moulding, Steel Plants and many more industries. It has helped industries save on machine downtimes, maintenance costs and inconvenience caused due to hard water scaling. It also helps in enhancing the safety parameters in the industry since scaling can pose a threat to the machine operators. Being Chemical free it is safe to install and operation is risk free compared to other water treatment methods employed at industrial levels.

Delta Device Water Treatment FAQS


Here you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Non-Chemical

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Features of Delta Device Water Treatment New Delhi India


Delta Device is packed with features that can be a game-changer for your industry. Fo

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How it Works

What is Delta Device? Delta Device is a technologically advanced scale prevention wat

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Delta Device has applications in various small, medium, and large industries. Delta Device defends your machine components from hard water scaling. It also helps you save a lot on expenses and helps you increase profits.

Process Plant

Application of Delta Device in Process Plant: Hard Water scaling is a…

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Application of Delta Device in HVAC Plant: In the HVAC Industry, hard…

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Water treatment in Heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Application of Delta Device in Heat Exchanger: In heat exchangers, har…

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Diesel Generator Set

Application of Delta Device in Diesel Generator Set: Hard Water scalin…

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Plastic Moulding Machine

Plastic Moulding

Application of Delta Device in Plastic Moulding Machines: Hard Water s…

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Steel Plant water treatment

Steel Plant

Application of Delta Device in Steel Plant: One of the major problems…

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