Physical Water Treatment

Water use is a fundamental commodity for nearly every step of the manufacturing and production processes. Manufacturing and other industries use water during the production process for either creating their products or cooling equipment used in creating their products. Therefore the quality of water must be carefully managed.

Hard water scale is a big matter of concern in the industry. It is the result of the crystallization of minerals found in water whether in dissolved form or suspended.

Effects of Scale Deposits:

  1. Loss of heat transfer efficiency
  2. Loss of production
  3. Overheating of machine
  4. Increase of head pressure in the system
  5. Increase downtime and maintenance cost
  6. Involvement of skill and time in removal or treatment

Why ordinary scale prevention or de-scaling is not the answer?

Most scale prevention techniques are either Chemical or Electrical and all require the constant use of water treatment chemicals or expenditures for powder and bulky equipment. Higher operating and maintenance costs, expensive labor and pollution is a part of these ordinary water treatment processes.

Delta Device is completely self-contained. and powered by a highly effective core having an indigenous shape, and a combination of pressure change and turbulence. This core does not require any outside power source.

At the core:

Rock-solid reliability of Delta Device will help you get rid of harmful limescale rocks. It’s what inside that counts. The inside core of Delta Device is indeed a smart solution for hard water treatment.

delta device

Treat water physically without the use of chemicals:

In case the dissolved CaCO₃ decreases in solubility (due to rise of water temperature) normally allows this compound to recombine in the water and attach itself to the inner walls of a piping system, heat exchanger, etc. in the form of a strongly adhering scale.

Water passing through the Delta device’s special core causes more minerals to stay suspended in the water, so they cannot form a hard, brittle scale.

Delta Device does not technically “soften” hard water. “Softening” usually means replacing some of the most essential minerals in the water with sodium, or removing those minerals with RO membranes. Both methods present problems because of their pollution, health risks, and wasted water.

Delta device treats the water without chemicals through the principles of physics – not chemistry.