Delta Device is packed with features that can be a game-changer for your industry. Following are some of the major domains where Delta Device can help you save on expenses and drive forward profits:


Chemical treatment requires continuous monitoring, adjusting feed, servicing of feed equipment, handling, and extensive water testing required to maintain proper water chemistry.


Delta Device requires zero maintenance.


Safety is the most feared part of using chemical treatment in water systems. There have been cases of severely burned hands, arms, and faces of persons handling chemicals.


Water softening plants require a permanent space for treatment and stocks. Delta Device requires no space for installation since it is placed directly into the water lines.

delta device

Energy Savings :

  1. Conventional water treatment systems require electricity for charging.
  2. Tests have proven that on condenser tubes a scale build-up of 1/32” will cut the chiller’s efficiency by 25%, which directly leads to more power consumption.

Power Requirements:

Delta Device requires no power or electricity.

Continuous Treatment:

Delta Device operates automatically, 24 hours a day with no assistance.

Expenditure/Pay Back:

One can normally own a Delta Device for less than it costs to operate chemical systems for two years. Furthermore, it has no recurring cost.


Delta Device is an environmentally sound pollution-free water treatment device, unlike other chemical-based systems.

No Corrosion Risk:

Unlike any softener or demineraliser, Delta Device has a unique advantage of preventing scale without any risk of corrosion. 

Buy back gUARA

Unconditional Buy-Back:

Delta Device provides an unconditional buy-back guarantee for a period of six months.


Delta Device comes with a five years replacement warranty.

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